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Quickly lookup information on any property in Florida. Explore tracts of land seamlessly between cities and counties. Improve your mapping capabilities and research efficiency with MapWise.

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Real estate professionals including Realtors, Brokers, Developers, Appraisers, Surveyors, Engineers and Environmental Scientists rely on MapWise to get work done quicker and more efficiently.

  • Browse interactive maps of Florida.
  • Access statewide tax roll data and parcel maps from county Property Appraisers.
  • Search tax roll data by multiple criteria.
  • View high resolution aerials, flood zones, wetlands, soils, future land use, zoning and more.
  • Quickly research any area in the state.
  • Create quality map graphics.
  • Export data for further analysis.

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I use MapWise a number of different ways in the process of acquiring land and have always found it to be an incredibly useful tool. Initially I use MapWise to "look" at a property on an aerial while overlaying various layers (wetlands, flood plain, elevations, etc.) to determine a rough idea of its buildable area. MapWise is then used to determine existing zoning, FLU and surrounding land uses to understand if a rezoning would be possible if needed. Lastly, MapWise gives us the ability to pull resale comps of the surrounding area from public records to give a full picture of the area's value. I wholeheartedly endorse MapWise and feel it is the best value around as an all-in-one tool for your GIS needs in acquiring land.

Larry Franks
Land Acquisition, Toll Brothers

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