About the Company

MapWise was founded in September 2000 to provide real estate information covering the state of Florida. Founder, Brian May has thirty two years of experience working with GIS software, hardware, data, and analysis. Before founding MapWise, Mr. May spent ten years working on enterprise GIS implementation for the St. Johns River Water Management District.

During his work with the government, he realized that government agencies generate a wealth of information that is useful to the real estate industry, but information was sometimes difficult to acquire and always difficult to use after acquiring it. Mr. May set out to change that by providing easy to use mapping related products and services that the real estate industry needed.

MapWise collects large amounts of GIS and Property Appraiser data from Local, State and Federal governments, standardize data to a common format, and serve it up through web applications.

Our focus is providing land brokers, commercial brokers, developers, appraisers, engineers, and more with quick and easy access to real estate information in Florida.