MapWise Help

The help docs describe all of the functions available in MapWise. Use the links on the left to browse the docs.

1. Getting Started

You are logged in to your account automatically after you sign up for the free trial. The next time you want to access your account, click Login in the upper right corner of any web page.

Upon logging in, click on the Map Viewer button to start your property search or click on Flood Zone Reports button to start your flood zone search.

2. GIS Map Viewer Hints:

Searching and Viewing Parcel Information

  • The Map Viewer starts with a view of the state of Florida. To find a property, you can search for an address above the map, zoom in on the map (use your mouse wheel or pinch zoom for faster zooming), or search for a parcel in the Parcels->Search form.
  • View parcel info from the map by enabling the i-tool and left-clicking on a location on the map. The i-tool is enabled by default. Once the pop-up shows, click Property Details to see more info.
  • Search by one or more criteria such as owner name from the Parcels->Search tab. If no results are found, enter less information in the form.
  • Create a Drawing Project before drawing a polygon to use with the Search within Drawing Polygons option.
  • Search from the map by drawing points, lines, or polygons on the map using the Select Parcels tool in the Map tab above the map.
  • The Parcels->Search Results tab shows search results for either the form search or the map search.

Map Layers

  • The Layers tab to the left of the map contains many different layers. Scroll down to see all of them.
  • Some layers like Future Land Use are scale dependent and you cannot turn them on until you zoom in far enough.
  • The Layer Manager contains additional layers that can be added to the map. When you find a layer of interest, click Add Layer to the left to add it to the map, and turn it on in the Layers tab.
  • More information about map layers is available in the Map Layers and GIS Data sections of the website.

Drawing Tools

  • View the Drawing Tools video for instructions on how to use the tools.
  • Uncheck the active drawing tool before you click on the drawing feature to modify its styling or delete it.

Please visit the tutorial page for a video overview and more information about specific features.

3. Flood Zone Reports Hints:

Search for an address with a city name and/or a zip code. Move the red marker (left-click and drag) if it is in the wrong location.

4. Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns or can't find what you are looking for, please contact us so we can help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.