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  • Search for property statewide
  • View a variety of map themes / layers
  • Get detailed property info
  • Tools for measuring, drawing, etc.
  • Print maps
  • Export mailing lists

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Florida GIS Maps at Your Fingertips

The MapWise Map Viewer is an interactive GIS mapping system with a wide variety of map layers such as aerials, flood zones, parcels, wetlands and more. Statewide up-to-date property appraiser information is included that you can search, view details on individual properties, and export lists of properties that meet your criteria. You can also print maps and generate large images to download for use in your own software. The Flood Zone Reports Tool is included in a subscription.

Map Viewer Features Overview

Printed Map Samples

Available Map Layers

  • High resolution recent aerials
  • Property boundaries
  • Parcels shaded by year sold
  • Flood zones
  • Elevation
  • Wetlands
  • Soils
  • Future Land Use
  • Zoning
  • Topo maps
  • Base maps
  • More...


“CHER FL, L.L.C. is a private real estate sales, land developer, and mortgage investor company. We began using Mapwise.com during the height of the real estate boom. Ever since then it has provided the instant access to wetland, hydric soil, flood zone, elevation, location, and both infra-red and color aerial views that we need to make decisions about Florida land purchases in a fast moving market.

We have consistently recommended MapWise to numerous business associates and even to our county assessor's office as "The Indispensable Tool" for anyone professionally involved in the real estate business. I can't tell you how many times having Mapwise available has prevented us from making serious mistakes. Thank you so much for being there!”

Deborah Plaia
Managing Member, CHER FL, L.L.C.


“MapWise is easy to use, comprehensive and cost effective. Any time we are doing research or preparing exhibits for an appraisal report - we use MapWise as a primary resource. As appraisers, the Sale (by year back to 2005) function is most useful, with a direct connection to a summary of County Property Appraiser information. The aerials, soils, flood zones, wetlands, distance and area calculators, owner names, parcel # tools, etc., are excellent.

We constantly recommend MapWise to our appraiser friends. The company is responsive to questions and suggestions and has continued to improve the website over the four or five years we have been customers. Would not want to work without MapWise!”

Stan Reed and David Reed
Reed Appraisal Company


“I wanted to let you know how useful your site is. Someone in this office uses your site at least once a day. I don't know how you can bring so much data together for such a low price. This is a great resource and I would hope every Civil Engineer in Florida is aware of this fantastic site. The time we save would probably cover the subscription in just one week. We are so glad MapWise exists. Keep up the great work.”

Terry Smith
AVA Engineers, Inc.


“Three years ago we subscribed to MapWise, hoping to use their software in preparing estimates for surveying services. That has turned out to be one of the smartest software investments I ever made. The program is multi-functional, allowing us to observe flood zones, soils, wetlands and property boundaries (to name just a few) in one viewing. Saving us time and money and allowing our staff to provide up to date aerial exhibits for our mapping efforts. ”

Leo Mills, Jr
Leo Mills and Associates, Inc.


“I loved the service. It was great in helping me determine properties in and out of flood zones. ”

Mary Slaughter
Real Estate Broker


Dean Saunders discusses a custom version of MapWise that we implemented and continue to support.

Dean Saunders
Real Estate Broker, ALC, CCIM
Saunders Real Estate

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