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$89 per monthMonthly recurring until you cancel. Pricing is per person. Discounts for additional users.
$899 per yearAnnual recurring until you cancel. Pricing is per person. Discounts for additional users.
Annual plan saves $169 per year over the monthly plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing Info

Are there discounts for multiple users?
Yes, there are discounts for annual plans. For annual subscriptions, the first user is $899 and additional users are $849 up to 10 users. Additional discounts user after 10 users. Please contact us for a quote and to setup multi-user corporate accounts.

What is your cancellation policy?
Monthly and annual recurring subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Please contact us to cancel your account. Cancellation of a recurring subscription stops further billing and your account access expires at the end of the billing period.

Is my payment secure?
All credit card information is securely transmitted to our payment processer over an encrypted connection and we do not store your credit card information.

How soon can I access my subscription after payment?
Your subscription is activated as soon as your credit card is processed.

Usage Info

Am I charged per usage or otherwise limited?
All plans are unlimited for the duration of the plan - unlimited printing, reports, exports, etc. Only the free trial is limited by the number of records that can be exported.

How many people can use a subscription?
Pricing is per user. Use MapWise on as many devices as you like, but each person using the software needs a license. If you login to an account while someone else is using it, you will interrupt and end their current session.

Can I use my subscription on a desktop and mobile device?
Yes, each user can use a variety of desktop and mobile devices.

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