Florida Aerial Photos and Satellite Imagery

Aerial photography and satellite imagery provide a wealth of spatial information for analyzing features in the landscape.

Use aerial imagery to:

  • Get a true picture of what is on the ground from above.
  • Look for special features of interest that may not be on a map.
  • Compare two dates of imagery to see changes over time.
  • Research and present issues related to Real Estate, engineering, legal, insurance, agriculture, personal recreation, and more.

Aerial Photo 6-inch and 1-foot True Color

Very high resolution and high-quality aerial photography. Generally the best available imagery on a county-wide basis. Please refer to the table and map below for the year the photos were taken by county.
Usable Map Scale Range
1:600 to 1:50,000
Data Source
Aerial Photos Latest
Map Samples

Aerial Photo 6-inch True Color Sample

Aerial Photo 1-meter True Color

High resolution and high-quality aerial photography.
Usable Map Scale Range
1:3,600 to 1:50,000
Data Source
Aerial Photo 2019 1-meter NAIP
Map Samples

Aerial Photo 1-meter NAIP True Color Sample

Aerial Photo 1-meter True Color

High resolution and high-quality aerial photography.
Usable Map Scale Range
1:3,600 to 1:50,000
Data Source
Aerial Photo 2004 1-meter DOQQ
Map Samples

Aerial Photo 2004 1-meter True Color Sample

Aerial Photo 1-meter Color Infrared

High resolution aerial photography. Color infrared photos show variations in vegetation and wet areas much better than black and white or true color aerials. Wetlands identification is much easier with color infrared aerials.
Usable Map Scale Range
1:2,400 to 1:50,000
Data Source
Aerial Photo 1999 Color Infrared 1-meter DOQQ and Aerial Photo 1995 Color Infrared 1-meter DOQQ
Map Samples

Aerial Photo 1999 1-meter Color Infrared Sample

Satellite Imagery 15-meter False Color

Medium resolution satellite imagery.
Usable Map Scale Range
1:50,000 to 1:3,000,000
Data Source
Landsat 2004 Statewide False Color Mosaic from SFWMD
Map Samples

Landsat 2004 Satellite Imagery 15-meter False Color

Most Recent Aerial Photos by County

Latest high-resolution aerial photos in Florida map by county

Alachua County2020True Color6-inch
Baker County2020True Color6-inch
Bay County2019True Color6-inch
Bradford County2022True Color6-inch
Brevard County2021True Color6-inch
Broward County2021True Color6-inch
Calhoun County2022True Color6-inch
Charlotte County2020True Color6-inch
Citrus County2020True Color6-inch
Clay County2020True Color6-inch
Collier County2021True Color6-inch / 2-foot
Columbia County2022True Color6-inch
Desoto County2020True Color6-inch
Dixie County2022True Color6-inch
Duval County2020True Color6-inch
Escambia County2022True Color6-inch
Flagler County2020True Color6-inch
Franklin County2022True Color6-inch
Gadsden County2022True Color6-inch
Gilchrist County2022True Color6-inch
Glades County2021True Color6-inch
Gulf County2022True Color6-inch
Hamilton County2022True Color6-inch
Hardee County2020True Color6-inch
Hendry County2020True Color6-inch
Hernando County2020True Color6-inch
Highlands County2020True Color6-inch
Hillsborough County2020True Color6-inch
Holmes County2022True Color6-inch
Indian River County2021True Color6-inch
Jackson County2022True Color6-inch
Jefferson County2022True Color6-inch
Lafayette County2022True Color6-inch
Lake County2020True Color6-inch
Lee County2021True Color4-inch
Leon County2021True Color6-inch
Levy County2022True Color6-inch
Liberty County2022True Color6-inch
Madison County2022True Color6-inch
Manatee County2021True Color6-inch
Marion County2021True Color6-inch west / 1-foot east
Martin County2021True Color6-inch
Miami-Dade County2021True Color3-inch urban / 6-inch
Monroe County2021True Color6-inch
Nassau County2021True Color6-inch
Okaloosa County2019True Color6-inch
Okeechobee County2021True Color6-inch
Orange County2021True Color3-inch urban / 6-inch rural
Osceola County2020True Color3-inch urban / 6-inch rural
Palm Beach County2021True Color6-inch urban / 1-foot rural 2017
Pasco County2020True Color6-inch
Pinellas County2020True Color6-inch
Polk County2020True Color6-inch
Putnam County2020True Color6-inch
Santa Rosa County2019True Color1-foot
Sarasota County2020True Color6-inch
Seminole County2021True Color6-inch
St Johns County2021True Color6-inch
St Lucie County2021True Color6-inch
Sumter County2020True Color6-inch
Suwannee County2022True Color6-inch
Taylor County2022True Color6-inch
Union County2022True Color6-inch
Volusia County2021True Color6-inch
Wakulla County2019True Color6-inch
Walton County2022True Color6-inch
Washington County2022True Color6-inch

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How to Access Aerial Photo Map Layers

Use the MapWise GIS Map Viewer to explore aerial maps and related information.