Aerial Photo Latest


The Aerial Photo Latest data set refers to the latest aerials available from state and local government in Florida. The year of the aerials vary by county. Every county is updated at a minimum every 3 years.

One foot resolution has been the standard since 2005. In 2016, six inch resolution aerials became the new standard.

All counties are flown with digital sensors. Some are 3-band true color and other add a 4th band for color-infrared. This data set only includes true color aerials.


Florida Property Appraisers are required to fly high-resolution aerial photography once every three years to assist with property assessment. The Florida Department of Transportation, Florida Department of Revenue, as well as other state and local governments have all partnered together to agree on technical specifications and share costs for acquiring the aerials.

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: 2016
  • Ending date: 2020

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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR), County Governments


Labins, FDOT

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aerial photo, orthophoto, true color, 2020

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Source Scale

Varies, approximately 1:4,800

Horizontal Accuracy

Varies, approximately +/- 5 feet



Format Details

3 bands 8-bit


Varies: Florida State Plane North HARN, Florida State Plane West HARN, Florida State Plane East HARN, etc.