Aerial Photo Latest


The Aerial Photo Latest data set refers to the latest aerials available from state and local government in Florida. The year of the aerials vary by county. Every county is updated at a minimum every 3 years.

Six inch resolution has been the standard resolution since 2016. One foot resolution was the standard between 2005 and 2015.

All counties are flown with digital sensors. Some counties only fly 3-band true color and others add a 4th band for color-infrared. This data set only includes true color aerials.


The Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR) is required to provide County Property Appraisers high-resolution aerial photos every three years to help with property assessments. The Florida Departments of Transportation and Revenue work together with other state and local governments to set technical standards and share the costs of acquiring these aerial photos.

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: 2021
  • Ending date: 2023

Most Recent Aerial Photos by County

Latest high-resolution aerial photos in Florida map by county

Alachua County2023True Color6-inch
Baker County2023True Color6-inch
Bay County2022True Color6-inch
Bradford County2022True Color6-inch
Brevard County2021True Color6-inch
Broward County2021True Color6-inch
Calhoun County2022True Color6-inch
Charlotte County2023True Color6-inch
Citrus County2023True Color6-inch
Clay County2023True Color6-inch
Collier County2021True Color6-inch / 2-foot
Columbia County2023True Color6-inch
Desoto County2023True Color6-inch
Dixie County2022True Color6-inch
Duval County2023True Color6-inch
Escambia County2022True Color6-inch
Flagler County2023True Color6-inch
Franklin County2022True Color6-inch
Gadsden County2022True Color6-inch
Gilchrist County2022True Color6-inch
Glades County2021True Color6-inch
Gulf County2022True Color6-inch
Hamilton County2022True Color6-inch
Hardee County2023True Color6-inch
Hendry County2023True Color6-inch
Hernando County2023True Color6-inch
Highlands County2023True Color6-inch
Hillsborough County2023True Color6-inch
Holmes County2022True Color6-inch
Indian River County2021True Color6-inch
Jackson County2022True Color6-inch
Jefferson County2022True Color6-inch
Lafayette County2022True Color6-inch
Lake County2023True Color6-inch
Lee County2023True Color4-inch
Leon County2021True Color6-inch
Levy County2022True Color6-inch
Liberty County2022True Color6-inch
Madison County2022True Color6-inch
Manatee County2022True Color6-inch
Marion County2023True Color6-inch
Martin County2021True Color6-inch
Miami-Dade County2022True Color3-inch urban / 6-inch
Monroe County2021True Color6-inch
Nassau County2021True Color6-inch
Okaloosa County2022True Color6-inch
Okeechobee County2021True Color6-inch
Orange County2021True Color3-inch urban / 6-inch rural
Osceola County2023True Color3-inch urban / 6-inch rural
Palm Beach County2021True Color6-inch urban / 1-foot rural 2017
Pasco County2023True Color6-inch
Pinellas County2023True Color6-inch
Polk County2023True Color6-inch
Putnam County2023True Color6-inch
Santa Rosa County2022True Color1-foot
Sarasota County2023True Color6-inch
Seminole County2021True Color6-inch
St Johns County2021True Color6-inch
St Lucie County2023True Color6-inch
Sumter County2023True Color6-inch
Suwannee County2022True Color6-inch
Taylor County2022True Color6-inch
Union County2022True Color6-inch
Volusia County2021True Color6-inch
Wakulla County2022True Color6-inch
Walton County2022True Color6-inch
Washington County2022True Color6-inch

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Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR), County Governments


Labins, FDOT

Theme Keywords

aerial photo, orthophoto, true color

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Source Scale

Varies, approximately 1:4,800

Horizontal Accuracy

Varies, approximately +/- 5 feet



Format Details

3 bands 8-bit


Varies: Florida State Plane North HARN, Florida State Plane West HARN, Florida State Plane East HARN, etc.


Major tech companies that create aerial maps gather images from local governments across the U.S. to enhance their systems. Many of these companies also contract out to private companies to fly very high resolution aerial photography. This higher-resolution imagery is often used to support "3-D" aerials in dense urban areas. From suburban areas into rural areas, the imagery typically comes from government sources such as these aerials.