Custom Projects

Enhancements to the MapWise GIS Map Viewer

Some customers have asked us to enhance the existing system by adding custom GIS data layers, custom tables, additional functions, or custom map layouts.

  • Custom map layers.
  • Custom tables, e.g. a table for tracking properties of interest.
  • Additional functions to improve workflow.
  • Custom searching criteria.
  • Your logo on custom map layouts.

Parcel Lists

The MapWise GIS Map Viewer provides a variety of options for generating parcel lists, but sometimes you need something different. Do you have an existing list of properties that needs updating or more info added to it? Or do you want a new list created that needs special programming?

  • Specify your search criteria.
  • Select from 120+ columns of taxroll info for your list.
  • Append X, Y locations to your list, e.g. Long/Lat.
  • Refine your list even further by selecting parcels by Flood Zones, Zoning, Future Land Use, etc.

Contact Us

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