City Boundaries


This dataset contains city limits for the State of Florida. The data was compiled by the GeoPlan Center using tax code boundaries as defined in 2014 county parcel data from the Florida Department of Revenue (FDOR). This dataset is an update to the city limits shapefile par_citylm_2011.shp. (Abstract from FGDL)


City boundaries are needed for a wide variety of uses, including taxation, implementation of city services within the boundary, zoning ordinances, etc.

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: 2010
  • Ending date: 2014

Publish Date



County Property Appraisers, Florida Department of Revenue



Theme Keywords

city limit, municipal, boundary

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Source Scale

refer to Parcels

Horizontal Accuracy

refer to Parcels

Process Steps

  • GeoPlan acquired statewide parcel data from FDOR.
  • The TAXAUTHCD field define the municipal tax authority. This code was used to dissolve parcel boundaries to create city polygons.
  • Some manual adjustments made by GeoPlan.



Format Details



Florida Albers HARN

Field Names

Field Description Type
PLACEFP Place FIPS Code String (10.0)
BEBR_ID Bureau of Economic and Business Research city code Integer (4.0)
NAME City name String (50.0)
COUNTY County name String (25.0)
TAX_COUNT Number of tax code numbers used to derive the city limit Integer (4.0)
TAXAUTHCD Tax code ID as defined in FDOR parcel data String (130.0)
ACRES Calculated acres of city limit polygon Real (19.3)