National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Areas


NHD Areas represents bodies of water such as rivers, bays, oceans, and miscellaneous features such as rapids and spillways. Water bodies such as lakes and reservoirs, as well as wetlands are in a different data set.


The NHD was created to assist scientists in modeling hydrologic features and is also useful for cartographic mapping purposes. The geometric features that came from the USGS DLG files, combined with the flow direction, reach codes, and other attributes taken from the EPA RF3 file, make the NHD a powerful modeling tool.

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: 1990s
  • Ending date: 2016

Publish Date



USGS, Florida Water Management Districts, Florida Department of Environmental Protection


Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Theme Keywords

hydrography, water, lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries

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Source Scale


Horizontal Accuracy

Estimated to meet 1:24,000 National Map Accuracy Standards (+/- 40 feet)

Vertical Accuracy

If the source for elevation is 7.5 minute topo map, estimated to be one half of a contour, or +/- 2.5 feet.

Process Steps


ESRI File Geodatabase

Format Details


Albers Florida HARN

Field Names

permanent_identifier = Unique ID

fdate = Date of last feature modification.

resolution = Source resolution. All values = 2

Code   Description1   Description2
1 Local >1:12,000
2 High 1:24,000/12,000
3 Medium 1:100,000

gnis_id = USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) ID

gnis_name = USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) Name


elevation = Feature elevation (Integer)

ftype = 3-digit feature code. (Integer)

Code   Description
312   BayInlet
336   CanalDitch
343   DamWeir
364   Foreshore
398   Lock Chamber
431   Rapids
445   SeaOcean
455   Spillway
460   StreamRiver

fcode = 5-digit feature code. Extra two digits provide a more detailed description of the feature. (Integer)

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