The Parcels data set consists of parcel polygons and tax roll data. The parcel polygons show the boundaries of real property. The tax roll data includes many data fields that describe the parcels. Each parcel polygon and tax roll record are assigned a Parcel Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is used to join the spatial data to the tax roll data.

Tax roll data includes owner name, owner mailing address, site address, parcel identification number, valuation, land use codes, sales history, legal description, building descriptions, and miscellaneous improvements.


The purpose of parcel maps and data is tax assessment of real property. Each county in Florida elects a Property Appraiser to justly assess all real property within the county. The Property Appraiser's office collects a large amount of data for each parcel to accurately assess each parcel for the tax roll.

Time Period of Content

Most data current within one month. A few appraisers lag behind and can be months old.

Publish Date



County Property Appraisers


MapWise Inc.

Theme Keywords

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Place Keywords

Florida counties: Alachua County, Baker County, Bay County, Bradford County, Brevard County, Broward County, Calhoun County, Charlotte County, Citrus County, Clay County, Collier County, Columbia County, DeSoto County, Dixie County, Duval County, Escambia County, Flagler County, Franklin County, Gadsden County, Gilchrist County, Glades County, Gulf County, Hamilton County, Hardee County, Hendry County, Hernando County, Highlands County, Hillsborough County, Indian River County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Lafayette County, Lake County, Lee County, Leon County, Levy County, Liberty County, Manatee County, Marion County, Martin County, Miami-Dade County, Monroe County, Holmes County, Madison County, Nassau County, Okaloosa County, Okeechobee County, Orange County, Osceola County, Palm Beach County, Pasco County, Pinellas County, Polk County, Putnam County, Santa Rosa County, Sarasota County, Seminole County, St Johns County, St Lucie County, Sumter County, Suwannee County, Taylor County, Union County, Wakulla County, Walton County, Washington County, Volusia

Source Scale

Varies: 1:1,200 to 1:3,600

Horizontal Accuracy

Horizontal accuracy varies between counties and between areas within a county. In general, in urban areas, parcel boundary accuracy is approximately +/- 5 feet. In rural areas, or older linework without modern spatial adjustment, accuracy can be +/- 100 feet or more.

Process Steps

MapWise collects GIS parcel data and tax roll data from all 67 Property Appraisers in Florida.

Each county is projected to a common projection. The only additional processing done to the geometry is cleaning invalid geometry.

Tax roll data is standardized to a common set of fields defined by MapWise.

Parcel shapefiles sold by county utilize the original geometry and therefore the original projection.

n ## Projection State-wide seamless data - Florida Albers HARN Individual counties - native source data projection.

Field Names

SUBDIV_IDSubdivision ID
SUBDIV_NMSubdivision Name
PINParcel ID
PIN_CLEANParcel ID with dashes, dots, etc removed.
PIN2Parcel ID in alternate format
PIN2_CLEANParcel ID in alternate format with dashes, dots, etc removed.
ACRESAcres from Deed
ACRES_GISAcres calculated from GIS
CONDOCondo - YES or NO
NAME_MISCBusiness name
O_NAME1Owner Name 1
O_NAME2Owner Name 2
O_NAME3Owner Name 3
O_ADDRESS1Owner Mailing Address 1
O_ADDRESS2Owner Mailing Address 1
O_ADDRESS3Owner Mailing Address 1
O_CITYOwner Mailing City
O_COUNTRYOwner Mailing Country
O_STATEOwner Mailing State
O_ZIPCODEOwner Mailing Zipcode
O_ZIPCODE4Owner Mailing Zipcode Plus 4 component
S_NUMBERSite Address Number
S_PDIRSite Address Pre Direction
S_NAMESite Address Name
S_TYPESite Address Street Type
S_SDIRSite Address Suffix Direction
S_UNITSite Address Unit
S_ADDRESSSite Address - Address Number + PreDir + Name + SufType + SufDir + Unit
S_CITYSite Address City
S_ZIPCODESite Address Zipcode
S_ZIPCODE4Site Address Zipcode Plus 4 component
SALE1_AMTMost Recent Sale Amount
SALE1_YEARMost Recent Sale Year
SALE1_DATEMost Recent Sale Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
SALE1_VACMost Recent Sale Vacant or Improved
SALE1_TYPMost Recent Sale Deed Type
SALE1_QUALMost Recent Sale Qualification Code
SALE1_BKMost Recent Sale Book
SALE1_PGMost Recent Sale Page
SALE1_DOCNUMMost Recent Sale Document Number
SALE1_GRANTORMost Recent Sale Grantor
SALE1_GRANTEEMost Recent Sale Grantee
SALE2_AMT2nd Most Recent Sale Amount
SALE2_YEAR2nd Most Recent Sale Year
SALE2_DATE2nd Most Recent Sale Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
SALE2_VAC2nd Most Recent Sale Vacant or Improved
SALE2_TYP2nd Most Recent Sale Deed Type
SALE2_QUAL2nd Most Recent Sale Qualification Code
SALE2_BK2nd Most Recent Sale Book
SALE2_PG2nd Most Recent Sale Page
SALE2_DOCNUM2nd Most Recent Sale Document Number
SALE2_GRANTOR2nd Most Recent Sale Grantor
SALE2_GRANTEE2nd Most Recent Sale Grantee
SALE3_AMT3rd Most Recent Sale Amount
SALE3_YEAR3rd Most Recent Sale Year
SALE3_DATE3rd Most Recent Sale Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
SALE3_VAC3rd Most Recent Sale Vacant or Improved
SALE3_TYP3rd Most Recent Sale Deed Type
SALE3_QUAL3rd Most Recent Sale Qualification Code
SALE3_BK3rd Most Recent Sale Book
SALE3_PG3rd Most Recent Sale Page
SALE3_DOCNUM3rd Most Recent Sale Document Number
SALE3_GRANTOR3rd Most Recent Sale Grantor
SALE3_GRANTEE3rd Most Recent Sale Grantee
SALE4_AMT4th Most Recent Sale Amount
SALE4_YEAR4th Most Recent Sale Year
SALE4_DATE4th Most Recent Sale Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
SALE4_VAC4th Most Recent Sale Vacant or Improved
SALE4_TYP4th Most Recent Sale Deed Type
SALE4_QUAL4th Most Recent Sale Qualification Code
SALE4_BK4th Most Recent Sale Book
SALE4_PG4th Most Recent Sale Page
SALE4_DOCNUM4th Most Recent Sale Document Number
SALE4_GRANTOR4th Most Recent Sale Grantor
SALE4_GRANTEE4th Most Recent Sale Grantee
SALE5_AMT5th Most Recent Sale Amount
SALE5_YEAR5th Most Recent Sale Year
SALE5_DATE5th Most Recent Sale Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
SALE5_VAC5th Most Recent Sale Vacant or Improved
SALE5_TYP5th Most Recent Sale Deed Type
SALE5_QUAL5th Most Recent Sale Qualification Code
SALE5_BK5th Most Recent Sale Book
SALE5_PG5th Most Recent Sale Page
SALE5_DOCNUM5th Most Recent Sale Document Number
SALE5_GRANTOR5th Most Recent Sale Grantor
SALE5_GRANTEE5th Most Recent Sale Grantee
MRKT_BLDMarket Building Value
MRKT_IMPRMarket Misc Improved Value
MRKT_LNDMarket Land Value
MRKT_AGMarket Agricultural Value
MRKT_TOTMarket Total (Just) Value
ASSD_TOTAssessed Total Value
EXEMPT_TOTExempt Total Value
TAXABLE_TOTTaxable Total Value
HOMESTEADHomestead Exemption Value
TAX_AMT1Most Recent Tax Year Tax Amount
TAX_AMT22nd Most Recent Tax Year Tax Amount
TAX_AMT33rd Most Recent Tax Year Tax Amount
NUM_BLDGNumber of Buildings
SQFT_HTDTotal Square Feet Heated
SQFT_TOTTotal Square Feet
SQFT_ADJTotal Square Feet Adjusted
STORIESNumber of Stories of Highest Building
VACANT_OVacant Land - YES or NO
YRBLT_ACTYear Built Actual
YRBLT_EFFYear Built Effective
NUM_BEDNumber of Bedrooms
NUM_BATHNumber of Bathrooms
NUM_BATH_HALFNumber of Half Bathrooms
LUSELand Use Code from Property Appraiser
LUSE_DLand Use Code Description from Property Appraiser
LUSEDOR2-Digit FDOR Land Use Code
LUSEDOR_D2-Digit FDOR Land Use Code Description
ZONINGZoning Code
LEGAL1Legal Description 1st 255 Characters
LEGAL2Legal Description 2nd 255 Characters
LEGAL3Legal Description 3rd 255 Characters
LEGAL4Legal Description 4th 255 Characters
LEGAL5Legal Description 5th 255 Characters
LEGAL6Legal Description 6th 255 Characters
D_DATEDate of Data
SALE1Q_AMTMost Recent Qualified Sale Amount, i.e. > $100
SALE1Q_YEARMost Recent Qualified Sale Year
SALE1Q_DATEMost Recent Qualified Sale Date (yyyy-mm-dd)