This dataset contains 2012 Private and Public School Information for the State of Florida. It is a combination of schools and educational facility addresses from 68 different sources. The data contains selected fields denoting the physical address, school number, district, and contact information for schools located in Florida. This data is meant to be used for planning purposes only and is not intended to represent a 100% inventory of schools. School locations that have been verified are marked with the letter V in the FLAG field. This dataset is an update to the gc_schools_jul08.shp layer. (Abstract from FGDL)


The Master School Identification (MSID) file is maintained by the Department of Education (DOE) to ensure the Department provides accurate identification and directory information on each Florida public school in the state. This file contains information for all public PK-12 schools as well as for adult and vocational-technical schools operated by district school boards. Information from this file is used for direct communication to the schools as well as for reporting data for each school. The Master School Identification file is used to edit all records submitted to the Department's Student, Staff and Finance Automated Data Base Systems. (Purpose from FGDL)

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: 2003
  • Ending date: 5/2012

Publish Date



Florida Department of Education, Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL)


Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL)

Theme Keywords

school, college, university, public, private, elementary school, middle school, high school

Place Keywords


Horizontal Accuracy

Variable, subject to errors resulting from the process of address geocoding to street centerlines.

Process Steps

FGDL did a lot of work on this data, consult their metadata for more info.



Format Details



Florida Albers HARN

Field Names

STATUS: String (1.0)
SCORE: Integer (9.0)
SIDE: String (1.0)
MATCH_ADDR: String (83.0)
FEDERAL_ID: String (30.0)
STATE_ID: String (11.0)
SCHOOL_ID: String (10.0)
NAME: String (100.0)
ADDRESS: String (65.0)
CITY: String (40.0)
ZIPCODE: Real (19.8)
PHONE: String (25.0)
COUNTY: String (20.0)
OPERATING: String (75.0)
OP_CLASS: String (12.0)
ENROLLMENT: Real (19.8)
PROGRAMS: String (60.0)
COMMON_USE: String (4.0)
USE: String (50.0)
TYPE: String (35.0)
ACTIVITY: String (10.0)
GRADES: String (20.0)
LOW_GRADE: String (10.0)
HIGH_GRADE: String (10.0)
PRINCIPAL: String (25.0)
TEACHERS: Real (19.8)
STDTCH_RT: Real (19.8)
MIGRNT_STD: Real (19.8)
TITLE1SCHO: String (14.0)
MAGNETINFO: String (100.0)
FREE_LUNCH: Real (19.8)
REDUCED_LU: Real (19.8)
FISH_FAC1: Real (19.8)
FISH_FAC2: Real (19.8)
COMMENTS: String (200.0)
BBSERVICE: String (2.0)
BBPROVIDER: String (50.0)
BBSPEED: String (75.0)
DSTREAMSPD: Integer (4.0)
YR_BUILT: Integer (9.0)
PARCEL_ID: String (35.0)
LAT_DD: Real (19.8)
LONG_DD: Real (19.8)
USNG_FL_1K: String (10.0)
FDOE_MSID: Date (10.0)
NCES_PUB: Date (10.0)
NCES_PRIV: Date (10.0)
FDOE_PRV: Date (10.0)
SOURCE: String (30.0)
DESCRIPT: String (100.0)
FLAG: String (5.0)
UPDATE_DAY: Date (10.0)
FGDLAQDATE: Date (10.0)
AUTOID: Integer (10.0)