Streets County


The Streets County data set represents street centerlines acquired from county governments across Florida, where available. For some counties, US Census Bureau streets are used where street centerlines are not readily avaialbe from the county.


Street centerlines are widely used as a reference layer. Specialized uses include geocoding, drive time calculations, road maintenance, and transportation planning.

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: 2007
  • Ending date: now

Publish Date



County Governments, US Census Bureau


MapWise Inc.

Theme Keywords

streets, centerlines, roads, highways

Place Keywords


Source Scale

Varies: 1:2,400 to 1:24,000

Horizontal Accuracy

unknown - see source data

Process Steps

  • Collect street centerlines form county governments
  • Define field transformations
  • Merge geometry and transform fields into statewide dataset



Format Details



Florida Albers HARN

Field Names

Field Description Type
street_id Street ID text
st_pdir Pre Direction text
st_name Street Name text
st_type Street Type text
st_sdir Post Direction text
fullname Full Street Name text
aliasname Street Alias Name text
orig_code1 Street Code Original 1 text
orig_code2 Street Code Original 2 text
st_code1 Street Code 1 text
st_desc1 Street Code Description 1 text
st_code2 Street Code 2 text
st_desc2 Street Code Description 2 text
num_county County Route Number text
num_state State Route Number text
num_ushwy US Route Number text
num_inters Interstate Route Number text
lanes Number of Lanes text
speed Max Speed text
l_city Left City text
r_city Right City text
l_zipcode Left Zip Code text
r_zipcode Right Zip Code text
fr_add_l From Address Left text
fr_add_r From Address Right text
to_add_l To Address Left text
to_add_r To Address Right text,
d_date Data Date text,
d_county County Name text