Streets OpenStreetMap


The Streets OpenStreetMap (OSM) data set represents street centerlines acquired from OpenStreetMap. OpenStreetMap is often referred to as Wikipedia for maps, because it is a crowd-sourced effort to map streets and other features worldwide.

In the USA, street centerlines from the US Census Bureau TIGER data were imported into OSM in 2007 using a 2005 version of TIGER. Unfortunately, this was before the massive updates done to TIGER data that ended in 2008. However, an equally massive amount of editing of the old TIGER data has been done in OSM since then and new streets added as well. As of October 2016, especially in urban and suburban areas, OpenStreetMap is one of the most accurate street databases available.


Street centerlines are widely used as a reference layer. OpenStreetMap was started in August 2006 to create a global database of streets and other basemap data that is free to use. A founding principle of OSM is anyone in the world can also edit the data by just creating an account on, make some edits and the data changes go staright into the master global database. A large technological infrastructure has also been developed over time to support the massive scale of the effort.

Time Period of Content

  • Beginning date: August 2006
  • Ending date: now

Publish Date





MapWise Inc.

Theme Keywords

streets, centerlines, roads, highways, openstreetmap

Place Keywords


Source Scale

Varies: 1:2,400 to 1:100,000

Horizontal Accuracy


Process Steps

  • Download Florida extract from Geofabrik
  • Load raw data into postgres



Format Details



World Mercator

Field Names

Field Description Type
osm_id bigint
access text
"addr:flats" text
"addr:housenumber" text
"addr:interpolation" text
admin_level text
aerialway text
aeroway text
amenity text
area text
barrier text
bicycle text
bridge text
boundary text
building text
construction text
cutting text
disused text
embankment text
foot text
highway Type of street, e.g. residential, tertiary, secondary, primary, motorway, etc. text
historic text
horse text
junction text
landuse text
lanes text
layer text
learning text
leisure text
lock text
man_made text
military text
motorcar text
name text
"natural" text
oneway text
operator text
power text
power_source text
place text
railway text
ref text
religion text
residence text
route text
service text
shop text
sport text
"tiger:cfcc" text
toll text
tourism text
tracktype text
tunnel text
waterway text
width text
wood text
z_order integer
way_area real
osm_user text
osm_uid text
osm_version text
osm_timestamp text