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The download image tool is very flexible and may take some experimentation to get the output you are looking for. When creating a map, there are three main variables that control the size and detail of the map.

  1. Map Area - the geographic extent of the map
  2. Map Scale - the level of map detail, i.e. how far zoomed in or out the map is.
  3. Map Size - the physical size of the map.

The Download Image tool can generate maps that are optimized for on-screen display or for printed output.

General Notes:

  • You cannot print the OpenStreetMap base layers. Please choose a MapWise or aerial base layer instead.
  • The download image tool generates an image that you can save and use elsewhere.
  • The Image DPI controls the symbology size, not the image size.
  • Symbology at 150dpi or 300dpi will appear too big when viewed on the screen, but when printed at the same resolution, it will look correct.
  • An image with aerials may take 60+ seconds to generate.
  • Once the image is generated it may take 60+ seconds to load in the browser.
  • Images up to 9000 x 9000 pixels have been tested.

Export for Software
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  • If you adjust the image resolution, the Image Width and Height will be adjusted accordingly.

Custom Print
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  • Use this tool to create custom page sizes to be printed.