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Drawing Tools

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Save / Load Projects

Drawing Tools Save Project

  • You can save drawings to individual projects.
  • A project can be in a personal or group folder.
  • The group folder is for companies with multiple subscribers.
  • The features are only visible to an individual or company group.

Draw Modes

The drawing tool has two "draw modes". When it first starts, its in modify feature mode. If you load a project with features, you can click on a feature to select it and a modify feature menu is shown. The feature can also be moved or reshaped.

Add Features

Drawing Tools Save Project

Select either the point, label, line, or polygon icon, then click in the map to add the feature.

Modify Features
Click on the feature to modify. A dialog box will popup with additional options to change color, size, etc. Each drawing feature can be individually styled.
Drawing Tools Modify Symbol

Move / Reshape Features
Click on the feature to modify. To move a feature, click-drag. To reshape a line or polygon, click the feature and click on one of the handles. Click in the center of a line segment to add another vertice.

Delete Features
Click on the feature to modify, then click the DELETE button in the edit style window to delete it.