Parcels Search Results

Parcel Tax Roll Search Results

Search Results Notes

  • Click "Zoom To" to zoom to a parcel.
  • Click "Parcel Details" to see a parcel details report.
  • Click the column title to sort the results by column.
  • Click the arrow at the right of the column title to show a menu that provides additional column display options.

Export Records

  • Export selected records to a tab-delimited text file or Excel file.
  • Over 120 columns of parcel information including owner name, mailing address, site address, recent sales, building info, legal and more.
  • Corporation and corporate officer name and mailing are attached to each parcel where available.
  • 50,000 record maximum per export.

Load Saved Search

  • Load a Saved Search from a set of records previously selected and saved to a named Saved Search.

Save Search Results

  • Save the selected records to a named Saved Search record set. This can be loaded at any time later.

Update Saved Search

  • Add selected records to a named Saved Search record set.

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