Map Identify Features

Identify Feature ("i tool")

  • Some map layers can be queried by clicking on the map to get information at that location.
  • A popup window will show with information from any queryable layer that is turned on.
  • Queryable layers include: Parcels, Future Land Use, Zoning, City Limits, FEMA Flood Zones, Land Cover, and Soils.
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Identify Feature Popup

Parcel and Flood Zone Info Popup

  • When you select the "i tool" and click on the map, a popup appears.
  • Click on a parcel and see owner name, parcel ID, street address, land use type, acres, and more.
  • The popup results will vary depending on the map layers that are checked on in the Map Layers tab.
  • The Property Details link shows additional info in the Parcel Info tab to the left of the map.