Map Navigation

Map Navigation Controls

Pan / zoom bar in upper left corner of map

Zoom Bar

  • The top of the zoom bar is the closest zoom.
  • Click the + icon to zoom and and the - icon to zoom out.
  • Zoom multiple levels by clicking in the bar.
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Pan Map

  • Click an arrow to pan the map in that direction.
  • Good for making slight adjustments to viewing area.

Zoom In and Recenter Zoom In and Recenter

Click and drag a box on the map to zoom into a specific area. Or click on the map to zoom in and recenter the map on the location you clicked.

Zoom Out Zoom Out

When you click in the map, the map will zoom out a factor of 2x.

Pan Pan

When you click in the map, you can hold the mouse down to drag the map. It will recenter where you let go.

Go Back Go Back

Return to previous map extent.

Go Forward Go Forward

Go forward to last map extent after using the Go Back tool. This tool will not be usable until the "Go Back" tool is used. Back to top

Zoom to GPS Location and Follow Zoom to GPS Location

If you have an iPad or tablet with a built-in GPS, clicking this icon will zoom the map to your current location and follow you as you move.